The Hum

by Howl Griff

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After the acclaimed Welsh-language debut, Howl Griff speak in tongues with their first English-language album.

Recorded in Cardiff next to a taxis' knackers yard a goal-kick from Ninian Park, the 13 songs span a wide range of musical styles and lyrical themes.

From the Krautrock opener Bluebirds to the epic closer Lies & Facts – imagine Neil Young fronting Doves – the album displays Howl Griff's ever-eclectic but always interesting musical influences, from the Delgados to Dr Feelgood, Traffic to Teenage Fanclub and Steely Dan to Slade.

“A new band we love... bloody lush” – Lauren Laverne, BBC 6music

“A soothing set of pop/folk, rock-flavoured life-affirming songs that's well worth a listen. It's an album that'll put a spring in your step despite the November rain” – The Independent

“They deal in lush, gorgeous harmonies and warm 60s melodies, and the result is quite lovely” – Stuff magazine

“Another hooky-but-urgent stack of guitar-based jollies. Whimsically brilliant, consistently clever and shot through with infectious licks” – What Hi-Fi magazine

“Harmonies chime, Rickenbackers soar and a Farfisa follows the beat in a smiling dance of lush melodies, charming lyrics and sunshine pop chops” – Bournemouth Echo


released November 8, 2010



all rights reserved


Howl Griff Greater London, UK

Hailing from Aberystwyth, Bolton, Merseyside and Texas and based in London, UK.

BBC 6music's Lauren Laverne calls them "lush... a new band we love", and The Independent calls them "life-affirming".

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Track Name: Bluebirds
You took away my right to roam
Reduced a soul to skin and bone
Seize the freedom from me now
You take away my sacred cow

You shine a light upon my face
Accusations out of place
What I want is free of charge
What I need to be at large

And all I hear are the bluebirds sing outside

When I go free I plan to do
The things that bind me close to you
Half the time those things I found
I’d lost the other time around

So come on home there’s a fireplace
A Rosie Lee and a welcome face
The wanted poster on the flame
Erase the one that takes the blame

And all I hear are the bluebirds
Sing outside
Track Name: Crash and Burn
Everywhere you go, everyone you know
Everywhere you turn, it's crash and burn
See the shipwreck as you twist your rubber neck
Live long and prosper, don't crash and burn

But there's something I'd like to know:
Who's running the show?
If the ship is going down, then it's time to run aground
The wind's not at your back, so change your tack
I'll see you up on deck, but don't go... crash and burn

Small faces underground dare not make a sound
That silence is not for me
My faith is running wild like a tantrum in a child
Forgive my trespass, pardon me

But there's something I'd like to know...

Twenty-four hours ago
I watched the wheels fall off the roadshow
So jump on the bus that drives me to you and I
Don't crash and burn...
Track Name: Devotion
Am I alone in what I do?
Am I alone in front of you?
Am I alone in what I say?
Or are there others who feel my way?

You are perfect but I’m not
You’re the difference between go and stop
And as we pass along the way
Shadows fall, it’s late in the day

I feel your pain and laughter seal
The cracks I fall in deep devotion
Track Name: Giving it the Always
You're giving it the always, you're on my mind

We've got a strange affliction
We've got some new ideas
We've got deranged addiction stuck between your ears
And it's loud and clear

You're giving it the always, you're on my mind

Some kinda musical seizure
To set your mind at ease
We got some kind of a brainworm hooked inside your ears
You'll get trapped in here
If it's not too weird
I'll change my gear

You're giving it the always, you're on my mind

Hearing it over and over and over and over again
Track Name: Back to Normality
Let's get back to normality, back to reality
Some kind of living will find a formality
Build a society filled with variety now
We've been flogged economically, boxed ergonomically
Goodbye stability, hello insanity
Program your destiny, Bluetooth your love to me now

Save me, you were saying
Across the water, across the bay
Keep me breathing, keep me believing
That's the main thing, you would say

Let's get back to normality, back to reality
Some kind of living will find a formality
Build a society filled with variety now
Let down at your liberty, roped into symmetry
Sense a calamity in my proximity
Tend to the hooks on tenterhooks for you now

Save me...

And I try to get there on my own
But your dive takes me by surprise
I could drown, can't hold my breath too long
Inside your lies
Track Name: Unselfish
You have given more than I can take
You have given more than I can take
But I’m willing to share it back with you
Just like you and me used to do

You have been there through my pain and ills
You are witness to my thrills and spills
And I’m leaving this hand-me-down to you
So that you can feel its comfort too

Being unselfish, that is what we do
Being unselfish changes you
Being unselfish, that is what we do
No secrets: I won’t hide the truth from you

I am willing to turn my life around
I am sitting, the sun is setting down
You have made me and shaped me with your hands
Washed away the castles on the sand
Track Name: Uduhudu
The doctors are wrong, you knew all along
Their patience is gone, you swallow all their medicine
Nightmares are strong, delirious in song
Turn the light on, Thomas Alva Edison

Electric in mind, static in time
Broken and blind, a metronomic malady
Fates are aligned, time out of mind
A voice on the line, she laughs like Baron Samedi

You don’t need a doctor
You just need a friend
You don’t need a bottle
You need to raise your spirit from the dead
Dead head

Covered in sweat, drowned in regret
Try to forget Sister Mary Magdalene
Made a mistake, dived in a lake
Thirst you can't slake, you died like Teddy Kennedy

You don’t need a doctor...
Track Name: Hideaway
Then you started talking
Righting all the wrongs of the earth
You got me counting
All the atoms in the universe

But I don't belong here,
I'm just looking for a hideaway
Ride away, hide away
Hide away, ride away, hide away

A distant bell is ringing
Toiling for another day
Fox in a graveyard
Drifting through the melée

But I don't belong here...
Track Name: Jean's Therapy
You can’t see the words in the dictionary
From the A of the aardvark to the Zuider Zee
Hard work never killed anyone
But I’m dying lazily

This is Jean’s therapy
She can help you in the dark of night
And improve your memory

Playing God with your idle hands
The ophthalmologist will understand
If you’re looking for a heart of gold
Then stethoscope your soul

This is Jean’s therapy...

She lives in a house of glass just a stone's throw away
She says she loves the world, but she wants to change it some day
Track Name: Dark Energy
In the middle of a chain cigarette
You go through me and do things I might regret
Come along with me
Tag along with me
Sing along with me

Dark energy closes on me
Wherever I go, whatever I see
Dark energy closes on me
So why can't I see what matters
Matters to me?

Keep expanding till there's nothing left to lose
Turn me into something I no longer choose
Come along with me...
Track Name: Sunrise
Sunrise, sun sets
East to west, brothers and sisters now
What we got, don't forget
A day of sunshine, a night of starriness

Why can't you understand
I just wanna hold your hand


Clouds are for clowns, you say
But I see them drift away

Track Name: Surreal
Lost out in the city
Phased out in the flood
Outside in the winter
The devil has destroyed my blood

Rats poison the cities
No spy left unturned
Mulled over in Moscow
The radiation starts to burn

And I feel surreal when I’m with you
Nightmares come true

Exposed to an agent
Half living half dead
We'll go undercover
Half a life's better than none

And I feel surreal when I’m with you
Nightmares come true
Track Name: Lies and Facts
Gumshoe walked 'round the block for you
Squinting through the pane to glimpse the truth of what you do
Searching snooping for some clues or hints
Finding scarlet women, ruby rings and red herrings

I had no way of knowing where the trail was going
But I had to watch you
I fell into a gutter, tasted muddy water
And I want you, I want you

Lies and facts keep me coming back
To see what goes on in your heart

Looking through the paper straight at you
Forensic detail of everything they want you to be made to do
Seeing what only private eyes should see
Finding your fingerprints all over me – the final scene

I had no way of mending the last unhappy ending
'Cos I had to stop you
As rain filled up the gutter, we swallowed muddy water
And I lost you, I lost you

Lies and facts keep me coming back
To search for love through the looking glass
Investigate the truthful and the fake
To see what goes on in your heart