Fragile Diamond

by Howl Griff

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    Howl Griff's previous album The Hum received nationwide coverage and caused BBC 6 music's Lauren Laverne to describe them as "Bloody lush... a new band we love." This new set showcases an extraordinarily broad variety of styles and influences and has been ecstatically received by reviewers – see below the tracklist for quotes and details.

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Howl Griff's third album has been ecstatically received by reviewers. See for more but here's a taste:

The Line Of Best Fit's Steve Lampiris gives it 8.5 out of 10: "HG sprinkle cuteness where it fits into the compositions but leave them alone when it doesn’t... This careful equilibrium carries over into the lyrics... clever puns push the song beyond aww-shucks novelty... further validating Howl Griff’s way with cuteness that their peers seem to lack... effortlessly marrying indie rock and the endearing songwriting. In other words, you can be adorable without descending into hipster irony."

Louder Than War's Adrian Bloxham says "Trust me on this, you should hear this band. It’s an album you should have for the car for that interminable drive to work, it should be playing as you look out of the window on a cold winter's day holding a mug of tea. It’s there for you to hear, and your life will be a tiny bit shinier for hearing it"...

Stuff magazine gives it 4 out of 5: "The perfect antidote to autumn's inexorable onset, the third album by the Anglo-Welsh-American psychedelic rockers (their words) is warm, fuzzy and saturated with summery charm. Stick it on and pretend it's still June"...

Echoes and Dust's Martyn Coppack hails “A cornucopia of delightful songs that straddles boundaries, a smorgasbord of riffs, melodies and psych... A return to the old master style of Brian Wilson, The Kinks and Syd Barrett with an album that doesn’t let up from the get-go. It’s a crime that songs like this don’t top the charts anymore... A splendid time is guaranteed for all... Purely lovely”...

7bit Arcade's David Gould enjoys “A gracious album with much heart and soul… the band revel in the tender simplicity of the songs; a defiant joy resonating throughout all the compositions… soars with exquisite vocal harmonies… a coherent release, both warm and enduring. Here’s to the future of Welsh psychedelia”...

Helen Todner at With Guitars calls it “Deep, rich, and filled with variety. Each song has its own unique signature sound ranging from 70s electro rock to folk to pop. The album evolves as you listen to it, leading you further into the band's life-stories. 9/10”...

The Jitty ask “Is it any good? You better believe it. There are several great moments… all-killer-no-filler, every song rich with hooks in its own style. While it lives up to its psychedelic epithet, the album is friendly enough that it's incredibly difficult not to find something good on there, regardless of your taste”...

Rocksucker's Jonny Abrams says “It delights frequently. Authoritative, neat songwriting... graceful, stately and reflective... smart, energetic jangle-pop... absolutely gorgeous... flippin' marvellous”...

Raw Ramp Mag's Neil Mach says it “Gives each listener a love bath. Aromatic, healthy and healing… retains the noble heart of pop… grand and quite indispensible… hugely gratifying… a classic… perfection.”


released October 15, 2012

All songs by Howl Griff.
Words and music (c) Howl Griff 2012
Recorded at The Fold Studios, London SE23, summer 2011
Produced by Howl Griff
Mixed by The Fold

Vocals, guitars, keyboards: Hywel Griff
Guitars, vocals: Gary Parkinson
Bass, vocals: Steve Kennedy
Drums, percussion: Nick Moore



all rights reserved


Howl Griff Greater London, UK

Hailing from Aberystwyth, Bolton, Merseyside and Texas and based in London, UK.

BBC 6music's Lauren Laverne calls them "lush... a new band we love", and The Independent calls them "life-affirming".

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Track Name: You Don't Have To Leave On Your Own
To bypass the lonely heart, you get one phone call
I'm tired of watching the paint drying up on the wall
"You gotta love animals," she said, "You gotta love 'em all"
I thought you'd be taller but you're really quite small
And not so clever at all

But you don't have to leave on your own 'cos God made me
You don't have to leave on your own, just don't leave me

You wait to be analysed hang around for a drink
You're tired of listening your mind is on the blink
A voice in your head it says it's time for a re-think
And you bought a load of therapy
Off that backstreet shrink in that looting sink

But you don't have to leave on your own 'cos God made me
You don't have to leave on your own, just don't leave me
Track Name: Fragile Diamond
Janet walks the planet perpetual as granite
Gentle as the rolling hills
Digging through the layers, all she's got to say is
"Man, we'll have to pay the bills"
Shining undermining, lift the silver lining
Running through her opal veins
Searching through the rubble, push will come to shovel
Finding the last remains

But it may seem that she's steady as a rock
But her heart is a fragile diamond

Isla is a minor, delicate as china
Found inside a Russian doll
Call it elementary, treat a creature gently
Precious as a gangster's moll
Hammering a sickle, flood becomes a trickle
Drinks you out of house and home
Coal will turn to diamond if you give it time and
Leave it to age alone

But it may seem...

Fools' gold that the hangman sold
Were true veins of gold with a diamond soul
Track Name: Sharkfins in the Sky
Hey all you skaters, the ice rink opens at five
Then at the disco, it's homicide staying alive

And I will come to your assistance
When you need to kiss the life
Come to your assistance
When I see sharkfins in the sky

It's a frenzy, an attack with no heart to give
Hey I'm seasick, I'm dying, better kiss me quick

And I will come to your assistance...

I don't need a pacifist to tell me that the war's a fight
I don't need a danger sign to tell me that the end is nigh

And I will come to your assistance...
Track Name: Radio Revolution
Find me something to do now my hands are untied
United we stand, together we fall, side by side

And I build a building each day
Fire up the radio
Turn on, tune in, drift away
Catch me or let me go

It showed me love, displayed me peace, its reveal flying high
And under this bird of freedom's wings we wave goodbye

As I leave my building each day
Fire up the radio
Turn on, tune in, drift away
Catch me or let me go

To this Revolution Radio
Track Name: Runaround
See the girl with the red dress on
Drowning Sailor Jerry all night long
She's a runaround in her playground
Vanilla girl she's in charge
She's a tattoo permanently drawn in my thoughts

Are you talkin' to me?
Can you see what I can see?
Do you wanna be free?
She's a runaround

See the girl in commotion move
Travelling into hullaballoo without you
She fed me from her smorgasbord
Then the love that she threw overboard in the fjords

Are you talkin' to me...?
Track Name: Meet My Maker
Motoring down the fast lane at high speed
No right turn, distorted reality
Take control the driver going blind
In vertigo his labyrinthine mind

Turn around, don't want to meet my maker, what more can I do?
Turn around and fight for freedom, what more can I do?

Needle and thread to stitch me back to life
Emergency averted through a knife
Highway girl held me up in arms
Stand and deliver you're safe from harm

Turn around...
Track Name: Puppet Operation Time
I was a goldfish swimming round your mind
Looking for things to find
An impulse in your life
And you were working on a Saturday
Your boss was always on your case
And you were anxious and afraid

We could be together in our shell
See the predators go to hell
A rock to hide beneath
And laugh, grinning at their joyless souls
Incompassion and rigid clothes
And white shark teeth

This is puppet operation, puppet operation time
Not in control of your destiny or mind
Marionettes controlled by invisible strings
Don't let them wear you down, don't let them drag you in

I was a light in another town
Shining on the ground with no one in my beam
And you drifting on a Saturday
Looking forward to nothing much
Evening dinner on a tray

This is puppet operation, puppet operation time...

When the snowstorm falls inside your room
When the blizzard covers your TV
When the radiators are not doing their thing
You never notice me but I'm always there

Puppet operation, puppet operation time...
Track Name: She Walks On By The Flame
She phase down, pulling up her fader
She compress every little thing
Makes it sound not a little smaller
Crisp and bright, ten killer watt rig
Load it up, run a little hotter
Melting my headphones in the fray
Fast guitar, lo-fi little keyboard
Drumming loud with big man's fists

But she knows, she knows her way home again
If God made fools, he'd make 'em like that again
She got made up and made up her mind again
She walks on by the flame

She's a moth attracted to the nightlife
Burning up, waiting for the rain
Down corridors holding up a candle
Up in flames and living by her name
Not one word, supersizeinjunction
There's a fire burning through the night
As the neon shines on the dysfunction
Personality's an oversight
Celebrity is always in the right

But she knows, she knows her way home again...
Track Name: Rose Of Emily
Rolling, feet don't touch the ground, fighting every mother's son
Folding another dreadful hand, reaching out to anyone
Chasing dreams that start to fade, this old heart won't settle down
Making promises I'll stay to a girl in another town

Friday the ship goes out to the one I love: Will you marry me?
Monday my boat comes in, she'll look after me - the Rose of Emily

Strolling, sunset in my stride, walking down the road to roam
Bowling down a dusty lane, a stranger never known
Twisting, turn another card, chance another thrill
Lying, say that I'll return, though I know I never will

Friday the ship goes out to the one I love: Will you marry me?
Monday my boat comes in, she'll look after me - the Rose of Emily
Track Name: FÜßßBÜKKËR
Release me into the wild
I'm an alien in disguise
Do not conform to stereotype
A battle of wills to ignore the hype

Voices echo in their distress
The warning man he did his best
From the first time to the last time

Semaphore your message loud
To make you stand out from the crowd
This great white duke is bold and bright
His spaceship is gonna land tonight

Voices echo...

What do you take me for?
Track Name: International Dateline
I'm changing my mind and I'm crossing the line
Making the time up to you
Tonight turns today and tomorrow's OK
Setting a date with you

It seems so much brighter
And it feels so brand new
And I turn one day younger
And it's not hard to explain
And it's not hard to replace

I'm changing my mind...

We'll move so much closer
We'll turn into the sun
We'll leave what was older
And it's so nice to rotate
And it's so nice to replace

I'm changing my mind...
Track Name: Everything
We gotta move on through the cyclone
We're raising another Arizona storm
We found a replacement in a second-hand store
Went down to the basement and we lifted some more

But love changes everything
And love is all you need to bring

We gotta move on through the psych zone
Twisted tower of silence that carried us home
We feed off each other, devour to the bone
I take it or leave it and I die alone

But love changes everything
And love is all you need to bring